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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 10 inch krullend haar
I have ordered hair from here all the time. This is the only hair I will buy. I always get compliments on the hair. I’ve blended the hair and the curl pattern remains the same. I love this hair.
This hair is absolutely stunning and that’s the honest truth. I’ve ordered curly hair before and was scarred by the tangling, dryness and shedding, it was terrible! But this hair the complete opposite! It’s so soft, the curls are beautiful and hold so well, there’s been no tangles (mind you I went to the beach and everything and no tangles). I recommend this hair!!!! I’ll definitely be buying more later on! I ended up making a wig out of the hair and it’s absolutely beautiful! If you all would like to see more updates on the wig and the maintenance I do follow me on Instagram: @_slimthin! Also, if you’d like a wig made follow me and dm me! Again, THIS HAIR IS AMAZING! DONT HESITATE! I also forgot to mention I bought 3 bundles and a frontal. The frontal at 20inches and bundles were 20,22,24.
The hair got here quick. Vendor was very nice and kept me in formed about my order. The hair is so soft and bouncy. I washed the hair it has some shedding for not a lot. Shedding for curly hair is completely normal so don’t worry about that. No tangles so far. Will do an update on my review. Only thing I did not like about this hair is that it has a strong chemical smell. I co-washed it and the smell still didn’t come out. Maybe I have to shampoo it out. But other than that the hair is good so far.