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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 10a haar
This is one of the better hair companies I’ve ordered from! The hair was full of life and didn’t smell bad, I didn’t have all that shedding that I’ve had before from other companies AND when I dyed the hair the color turned out beautiful and I didn’t lose the loose wave texture!! I’ve had the hair for about a month now and it’s been holding up really well. I’m very impressed.I have the pictures of the hair colored w/o & w/flash. I had ordered 20,20,18,16 and a 14inch closure.
I love this hair i have been buying it for years now, i just wish they would send coupons or something for discounts in the box but overall it great hair
I've been using Berry's hair for about 3 or 4 years now. Hair lasts long and is very soft - definitely human/virgin hair. I have dyed this hair and made clip ins with it and its beautiful. The ONLY NEGATIVE remark I will have to say is the ends were very scraggly on this batch. Usually the ends are thick and not dry, this time the ends were dry and sparse which caused me to have to cut the ends - which of course makes you loose some length. However, I still give 5 stars because everything else is great - the hair lifted in colour perfectly, I got the hair in like 2 days and the overall consistency is something I appreciate. I hope they lower the prices soon, I got spoiled paying much less a while back lol.
The hair came really quickly. It does shed a bit, but nothing too alarming. I've washed it twice now, and the hair seems to be changing color slightly, from dark brown to more golden brown. Otherwise, the hair is soft and doesn't tangle.
I was satisfied with it’s this hair but when I started to straighten the hair it started to gain a lot of knots . Other than that the hair is great & I will purchase more soon