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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 12 v pomp
Yes. Pump is a monster! Heavy like a hell. Fastest delivery ever (5 days to Latvia)! Ordered on 30.may, received at home by DHL courier on 4.jun. Label says 3700gph which should be approx 4 liter per second. I tested that it pumps approx 5 liter per second. I ordered 12V model and it consume 8.6A (starting at ca 10A when powered on for a first second). Now impatiently waiting till I get my hands on installing it and trying out in real-life conditions. I need to pump ca 5 meters high and 20 meters distance. The model 1100gph was not able to deliver performance. Let's see how this baby will cope with this.
Product received before than expected ( Italy) Good packaging Already tested for a short time and is working well. The noise is acceptable. The vendor description could be completed with additional information like if it can run dry and for continuative service, the type of electrical plug, anything to do for mainteinance and so on, maybe in a separate documentation. Material and asssebling look strong, I'll use it for irrigation. Not yet measured if flow and pressure are those indicated in the specification.