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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 2 din android auto radio nissan x trail
Amazing radio. My original Peugeot 308 broke down. A garage is charging 1098e for new. But I got this in a stead and it has way more than my old one. Just Android 8.0 means a lot. I connect my phone (microphone is integrated), watch DVD, search web, download android apps, listen to music on Spotify, can choose between uploaded maps and google maps. And it was so easy to install. I am waiting for a front camera now and can record traffic. It is an amazing unit. Recommended +++++++++
05-07-2018: package arrival. Very nice seller ! All the credits to delivering this nice radio to me. Package arrived a little dented but nothing happened to the radio of course. So no worries of you see this with your package ;) Soon I will install it and make some more pictures
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