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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 26650 battery liitokala
This is very good battery. It has really 5000 mAh capacity. I measured tenths of fake 18650s, but this is one of the first ones to exceed declared capacity. I highly recommend these batteries.
Came undamaged in a slightly deformed cardboard box. Works fine. The power cord is quite short, i think it should be at least 10cm longer, but it is not the unsolvable problem.
Very nice charger and power bank. I liked the cell capacity test and its power bank function. the only drawback I find is not able to measure outgoing current. It is a real good one to buy.
I bought these batteries because I nedded to build a battery pack for a portable project of mine. I tested the capacity of the batteries and they are genuine. The price for such high capacity Li-Ion batteries of just about 4.30$ per cell including shipping is just impressive! Thank you very much for your amazing service.