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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 3d mural restaurant wallpaper
Came extremely well packaged and to my size specifications, with about an extra 1 - 1.5cm in length and width. Ordered the leather option - it's a somewhat heavy paper stock wallpaper with a slightly pearly looking print. It is a statement piece as was intended. It's ok, but for some reason I think it looks better in pictures then it does in the 5 square meters I ordered it in. Luckily it's a painting and not a photograph so the resolution does not matter much, but next time I would go for a smaller size and definitively ask for what the original size is so that I can make sure to maintain the same aspect ratio. Also, there isn't much color variation visible in the middle part (the sky), which might be because of the large size I got. Of the three people that saw it so far, one said it's a shitty painting and the other two said they loved it and asked me where I got it so that they could order something similar. Shipping to Canada took about 2.5 weeks I believe.
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