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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 4 inch menselijk haar weave
This is one of the better hair companies I’ve ordered from! The hair was full of life and didn’t smell bad, I didn’t have all that shedding that I’ve had before from other companies AND when I dyed the hair the color turned out beautiful and I didn’t lose the loose wave texture!! I’ve had the hair for about a month now and it’s been holding up really well. I’m very impressed.I have the pictures of the hair colored w/o & w/flash. I had ordered 20,20,18,16 and a 14inch closure.
Just got the package today. I was worried about it being here on time but I got it within three days!!! I'm so happy about that. Ordered from this same company before. Hair is soft and has no odor but the hair itself is a tiny bit thin from what I remember. Pics soon ;)
Brilliant - excellent quality I’ve only had my hair installed for a week which is why I can’t give it 5 stars yet, if it maintains its quality over the next few weeks I’ll definitely increase it.
I was sent 3 bundles of hair and once I recieved the hair. I was not happy with it so messaged Joy and they were happy enough to talk me through the refund process. It was a smooth and easy transaction.
I ordered this hair on Monday and it got to my house on Thursday. Very fast shipping and the hair is in great condition . Will most definitely be ordering from Ali grace again
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