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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 40 dip socket
Those sockets are really good and have, imho, an exceptional quality/price rate. They were packaged in antistatic (?) tubes sliced in two and they came in a very good condition. I honestly recommend those sockets and this seller as everything came faster as expected and in a very good condition, thanks to a good packaging (1-2 pins were slightly bent but this is what you can expect from a 10'000km trip). This is my own happy customer experience and opinion, so do your own and leave your comment. I will use these to repair two Commodore VIC-20 (PAL VC-20), a Commodore 64 (RGB MOD), a Sinclair QL (2 x 20 + 2 x 4 pins socket mod) and a faulty Sinclair ZX Spectrum+. Thank you guys, keep on doing great work and helping people making/repairing things !!!