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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for a natural skin
Not sure, how I feel about this powder. Very transparent, even chalky in larger quantities, at first, it absorbs and starts behaving like a cream some 10-15 minutes later. Gives a little colour, matte appearance, hides small blemishes. My oily skin doesn't become greasy even after the whole day wearing this powder. However, in the evening, when I wash it off, the skin suddenly feels relieved, like it became very tired being under some kind of layer. On the other hand, I haven't noticed any evidence of cloging of pores, or some other adverse effects. Other than that, the package came in a month, traceable, was packed securely, instructions present, but only in Chinese, "best before" date adequate. Container is top notch: beautiful box with shiny emblem, very comfortable mesh to take an exact amount of powder, secure closing to keep from spilling and preventing mess. Delivery - 1 month.