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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for air bud
It took 2½ weeks to receive the Incense sticks (in the Netherlands); so fast enough delivery. And again I am pretty amazed! The incense sticks came in a sturdy cardboard box. In the box are 12 round boxes filled with incense sticks with all different kinds of scent. When I opened the cardboard (outer) box an amazing scent came to me. Wonderful! The incense sticks have wood inside and the incense around the wooden stick. Good length and good size/width. Also, seller shipped two little presents for me: a small copper incense burner (beautiful) and a little baggy with two incense sticks (also an amazing smell). Unfortunately I have no idea what scent these incense sticks are, but that does not matter. I am very, very satisfied. I therefor recommend this store and seller and thank seller again for everything!