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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for android auto radio
Device works great, easy install. Plug and play straight into my Evo. The air vents require a small trim to fit into the new bezel but it's a necessary modification to allow the large screen to fit. Would definitely recommend to other lancer/Evo owners.
The seller was very helpfull and the radio works pretty well. Takes a little while to boot when you start your car as it doesn't seem to have a sleep state but it does remember radio channels/volume as long as you connect the right channels. I have not installed the rear camera properly yet but i have tested it and it pauses everything right away when you put the car in reverse.
real 8core 4/32gb , all operations works well and nice Wifi receptions litle sed me , and FM is not good , translation of all menu only on eng. in generaly normal device .
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