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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for android mini microfoon
this camera as compared to yi cam is better 1 easy set up 2 very fast start app to view,while the yi still takes ages to load 3 smooth interface 4 picture however lacks a bit of refinement including night vision,but i think its a balance of fine build price and good fast response of app and interface 5 the backdraw is i still dont know how to acces the camera throgh its url,no documentations are provided,ports are defaul at 80 and rtsp at 554. 6 pc firefox gets its home page and it request for active x download but i cant get it to work.even after downloading this is a common problem with brosers now and their safety features the most important thing yet to try is will my Nvr recognize it as an onvif ipcam ,if it does i will need 3 more. i will post results on nvr soon