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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for anycub
Really great printer for that price (I tested only few prints). One of the best support I have ever comunicated with. Anycubic has brilliant support and response in 1 business day to emails. Perfect
Box received a lot of damage. However; the LCD appears to be ok. I will know on Saturday when I can install it. Will advise. Also, in the Photon group on FB, the update lcd file, and the bin file are availabe for download. However there appears to be a third file to perform the firmware upgrade to v 4.3.1. I do no have the 3rd file. .LCD file and print the .RBF.BIN and .LCDIMG file << this file. please send... lsteinritz@outlook.com thanks, Lou
very good got it working in less than one hour. there was 1 little thing the usb port did not work . I open the unite and the USB cable Inside was not completely in the board USB port so I puched it in and works fine. so guys heads up if the USB port not work. it can be that just the connector inside came lose . probably during transport since it was still in the port just not all the way.
I bought Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus and i3 Mega for school where I am teaching. Shipping from Germany to Czech in 3 workdays - amazing. Both printers are easy to build - kossel bit harder, but no problem to assemble for experienced user. Print quality is also very very good. I had no time for print tuning, but even tho I am very satisfied with results. Only negative thing is louderness. Both printers are pretty loud. i3 Mega is loudest from my 3 printers. I have to do something with this. But i realy recomend these printers. Great choice for this money.
The shipping has been the slowest, I do not recommend buying with this seller, it is better to make deal with Official Anycubic. A pity to have had to endure so long to receive the package.