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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ar headset
These mini earphones are excellent in quality and are wrapped in excellent and fast delivery. When compared to jvc ha fx200, these earphones are lighter in shape and sound. This mini earphone feels so good, all the tones are also sounding good.
This is my first second purchase of an earphone. This is an amazing mini booster with heavy deep bass and clear highs whereas mids can easily be enhanced with 1k increased. You will enjoy watching action movies with these. I am burning the second pair as they sounded a little closed compared to previous. They are good to be used in bed and sitting cz otherwise their wire makes hearable noise. I am using their large size tips, which works for me unlike used with any other earphone. A nice clothe pouch with stiff high quality retractable latch included. They provide clip, which is must to be used to keep the tension off the earphones. Very nice quality and thanks to seller for proving it at affordable price and fast but untrackable shipping. All is well so go for it.