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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for arabische kalligrafie pen
Not bad. The sizes are very different so you can get a variety of letters, but I can't write well with them. Maybe it's me, maybe I am not used to using italic nibs, but I have seen some videos of people using italic fountain pens and the letters are really different of the ones I am able to write. I tried to write the letters one by one as if I was doing calligraphy, write as I normally write and a combination of both, but no matter how I do it, the text doesn't look as I want it to look. But the fountain pen works well and I guess for the prices you can't ask for much more. And the shipping was super fast, just 5 days to Spain.
China Pens has the best deal in AliExpress offering this pen for a very reasonable price. This Jinhao 878 gives me a gorgeous looking trace without skipping ink flow. I have been using it to sign my books to readers that request a dedication, and the result is outstanding. To the man behind China Pens, I tip my hat off to you. Thank you, Sir.