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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for audio speler philips
My goal was to reset my DVD player to be able to play DVDs from all regions. This is not in order to beat new movie release dates. I want to be able to play vintage movies such as Alexander Nevsky. My RCA universal remote was not able to open the DVD player setup menu. The remote control which AliExpress sent me was able to open the Setup menu. However, it does not have number keys to enter the special number for resetting region codes. Fortunately the RCA universal remote does have number keys and so by using the two remotes together it was possible to change the DVD player to be able to play discs from all regions. This makes it possible to order vintage movies from many sources and in this application does not violate the intentions of movie studios in setting regional codes, so far as I can tell. Now I can play the region 4 Alexander Nevsky DVD in Canada. Perhaps not all DVD players can be made able to do this but there is an online site with lists and codes.
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