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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for automatic drone
Arrive very fast to Malaysia., less than 2 weeks! Very impressive indeed. Package arrive in good condition, as described. The quad turns on, but not yet tested (no AA battery!). Thanks!
Thank you seller for your understanding and such a fast delivery organization very quickly for 11 days I am very pleased with good luck and prosperity in business and put 10 points deservedly !!! well done !!!
The Hubsan H501s is a great camera Drone for the price. The unit arrived in good condition. Just charge up the batteries, read the manual or view online videos on basic operation, insert an SD card, and the unit is ready for flight after a routine compass calibration. H501s is easier to operate out of the box than prior quadcopters. The GPS provides return to home RTH for sable flight. That eases learning to use a drone. If you lose connection or the power reaches a low level, it will return to the release location. That is not foolproof as it does not detect trees, power lines, people, hills, or buildings that might be in the way, but it makes the task of navigating the drone much easier. Thus far I have not taken videos or pictures. The screen video looks good but that is at low resolution. I don't think it is worthwhile to include pictures - they would be the same as others ... the box, the drone, the controller... no big whoop.
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