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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bar stoel hout
It took more than 2 months before we receive our 3 bar stools. In this case the seller couldn't help it because GLS (parcel/delivery company) lost the package. the seller helped us as far as they could. some way we thought that we where f*ed, but nothing of that. the seller finally get the answer from GLS that GLS had make a mistake to lost the package. the seller directly send us 3 new bar stools, this time from the warehouse in Germany. we received them into less than 10 days, and are very happy. sometimes it is hard to believe that everything will be alright but you get what you deserve...Karma...I will recommend the seller and the bar stools for more than a 100%
I would never buy from this store again. After 3 months and lots of messages towards the shop, I finally received my order. The response from the shop was very poor, they never told me the correct status of my order and they lied about the shipping of my order.