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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for fiets fietsen rugzak water
Product is what it says it is, unfortunately I missed the information about the water pack NOT being included. To me it's a little bit confusing in the title, but as for the rest it's good.
The product is terribly bad described. I could not guess how the bags are arranged even after looking at the photos and text several times. I was extremely positively surprised when I opened the parcel. The arrangement of the bag is ingenious! I won't reveal the secret, you have to buy it if you want to know it :-) The bag is quite big but very lightweight.
Nice, cute back pack. Somehow the water back was not 1 L, but it was too. But it's fine by me. Delivery was within schedule, but not the fastest. The water bag smells like plastic a lot. I hope, the smell will go away eventually. However, in comparison, my flatmate ordered a separate water bag and it looked with more quality. The volume of back pack is ok for essential bike set for not a very long trips.
I received the bundle with a bike bag, but the treasure pack was damaged and the bag itself was damaged. It looks like someone has cut the package to see what's inside and cut the same bike bag.
The seller made me the most important things: 1) High quality product 2) Product according to specifications 3) Fast in product shipping 4) Honest in his dealings I would recommend dealing with it