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I’m really happy with this costume. I was unsure what size to order because I don’t fit neatly into any of the size categories. I would normally wear something around medium or large. I’m very short, but I have large hips and a large chest. I was really afraid of getting something too small and being unable to wear it, so I ordered an XL because some of my measurements were in that category. The outfit is large on me- the pant legs and jacket sleeves were way too long. The waist was too large, but the bust and hips were perfect so I could work with that. I hemmed the legs and sleeves and put a belt on with the pants. The badge is printed and hand cut vinyl. Not the best quality, but hey I’m paying for the costume itself. Which was very well made. Wrong number of lines on the shoulders (it had 3- should have been 2, but I just pulled one off). The lining was quite loose and sort of falling out of the sleeves, but I fixed that. Overall wonderful experience and arrived very quickly w/DHL.
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