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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bookmark
Everything is gorgeous!! I loved how accurate and nice was the seller. I’ll be repurchasing from him because he’s very professional. He put a nice note apologizing for obvious waiting time for shipping that we all know are normal when ordering from China. The note came with a really cute card. Thank you so much for this attention :)
Good product for reasonable price :) Big enough to write notes on it, arrived VERY FAST. Seller shipped my order right away (even asked if address is correct which is nice add, so both of us can be sure order will come to the right place). Order was shipped on March 8th, arrived on March 20th (LOVE IT!).
A nice ruler with different pattern shapes. It might be difficult to trace some of them if your pen/pencil is not thin enough. By my mistake I ordered two things from this shop at the same time and paid for the shipping twice, but the seller packed both of the items together and shipped them by two times better shipping option so they came to me faster and I appreciate that very much.
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