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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for boot voor mannen casual
* great price * fast shipping * excellent postal courier selection * fully traceable * fast delivery * secured in bubble package * brand new item * nice looking and shape * item as described * orange looks darker than the image * nice outsole grip * insole replacement is strongly recommended (item insole isn't comfortable) * selected my regular size and it fitted exactly and perfectly (it doesn't run either larger or smaller) * satisfied with purchase, item, & seller * ACQUISITION HISTORY: paid on 2018.06.24; sent on 2018.06.24; traced on 2018.06.28; arrived on 2018.07.07 *
I was satisfied with everything except tax which was charged at the time of delivery by courier. I was told that I have not to pay anything but tax of 15 USD really frustrated me.
they feel and look like solid shoes. I am hoping that they live up to this expectation. I got a size 11 because the dont have 11.5 that I know is comfortable for me, and it fits but maybe a little too snugly. that remaining .5 goes a long way for comfortability. however if you get the exact sizes they offer you should be just alright! other than that this is a great seller, processing and shipping was fast. I'm satisfied