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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for boot voor mannen casual
So finally I wore the shoes for some time and I must say I like them alot. The looks are great and they don't get the frontal stripes from sitting, The Sole is pretty soft which I consider a good thing for a city-shoe where you mostly walk on asphalt. the only thing is that the Fake leather ( which doesn't smell and feels great ) is not realy breathable and the feet get pretty warm inside, which is problematic in high summer, but a good thing in the evening and will also be in fall when it get's colder. I have the no fur version and really cannot Imagine the other one, although I like the shoe, It's a Sneaker and not a real boot which you could use in the winter without regrerting it too much. Ah and the sole is glued, not stiched. All in all real awesome shoes for the city, the packing was save and the shipping okay considering it came from China. Thanks for the Produkt,and don't be afraid to buy it.
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