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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bra cute set
Super cute and fits well. Looks just like the pictures except that you don’t get the choker, but I don’t think it said you were going to anyways. I’m 115 pounds/53 kilograms and it fits nicely. Very stretchy if you’re larger too. Would definitely recommend and I’m gonna buy more lingerie from the seller. Shipped quickly and arrived to my house in about 8 days
Order was received perfectly on time! Said 12-15 days, got in 11 days. Product is in a good state. And the laces on both the panties and the bra makes it fit all sizes easily. Thank you for the fast service!
Fits abit tight on me , no supirse I’m a bit weird sized. Color is bight and beautiful. Fit feel firm and arm bands are more tough than stander apparel. Under wear fit well, and have good tie strings.
This is probably the single best buy I made for my gf. Don't know whether was it infused with laughter gas or not, but we both laughed a lot when she put it on. Good one. xD