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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bullet camera poe
Great cams. Clear picture, audio isn't the best but good enough. There's lots of YouTube videos (search for RLC-410) and most, if not all, of the reviews are good. The cams did get a little hot during my testing. I ordered the adapters from this store too but decided to go for PoE injectors after ordering. I use these cams in combination with Ubiquity 48V, 0.5A PoE injectors (EAN 0810354023064, 4250605597757) and those work great with the cams. I'm a happy camper!
I just finished configuring 7 of these, I like them, throw away the instructions they come with and use Internet explorer to browse to (1 at a time, or they will conflict) you will obviou
Great camera, good image quality, works very good. There is one problem - need plug in for IE in order to access camera for set up, or to use the CMS which is also a problem. This problem force to use only the cloud for remote access, which is not secure !! I have other cameras that I can watch from remote with CHROME, and it is much better secure option !!
Nice camera. It is my second order... I have 4 of them and they work pretty fine. Easy to set up. The only remark it does not seem to be 1080p. It looks more 720p.