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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for vest stitch
I was hesitant for a long time to order this item since it's quite pricey comparing to the similar items on Aliexpress. However, the cardigan is gorgeous! It's worth every cent I spent, cause it's not only about the design but also quality of the product is impressively good. The package arrived just on time according to the seller's estimates.
I wanted to give this seller 1 Star, but I bc I got refunded I will give 4 Star. The product I received is untagged/unlabeled! Can you imagine buying something that is not tagged? This tag is very important to me, it provides the true info about the product! Like the content material in %, if the product is 100% cashmere then it should display in the tag, if the product has synthetic (polyester) materials it should be shown in the tag! You got the idea? By having that tag the seller is bound to respect the label/tag and sell product that matches the tag. It's a standard in clothing retail. I hope every buyer becomes more and more aware that an untagged product is a red flag! That the product is not what the product website is describing or the seller is telling you via messaging. This issue apparently is not only with this seller but with a lot on aliexpress. So do yourself a favor and ask the seller about this tag to make sure you get a legit product!