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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for stoel ontspannen
Baby has received, the husband has been in the seat, saying every day, driving, tired of all the pain, finally can be free, has been used several times, said it is good, I bought a good thing this time, the seller shipments are very fast.
The last few days received, knead massage open back, the seesaw manipulator, the waist finger massage, the whole body knead, and so on, the thickened wrapped flanks, with vibration function, the use of vibration mode will relax the waist muscles, resulting in a good relief. There's a lot of practicality on how to press the whole side. Massage for 15 minutes a day and relax for a whole day. In conclusion, the function is complete, and there is no limitation to massage at will. A massage chair can be used by families. It's really cheap, like, and don't miss it.
This massage waist strength is very good, I and my husband all back pain, before a few days ago received, before the store to see to thousands of it, now hundreds of pieces of hand, now good, with her help I do not have to get up early every day, before five points to get up to practice the body, the price is not expensive and good use, quality is quite good OK, simple operation, strong function, no need to worry anymore. I've been using it for a long time, I'm sorry to evaluate it. Thanks, the seller gave me convenience.
The chair is very good! The seller was always on call and answered all questions. Fast shipping. The rollers of chair are strong, good massage, easy control. I am very pleased and I ordered one more for my parents! Thank you!
The delivery service was very good, arrived one week earlier than I was expected. It working good but I don't think the fabric will last longer. Doesn't look like good quality.