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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for costum
great. ordered 25th of may. arrived 5th of june. pouches are way better quality than other seller KidsParty. you can wash them in the washing machine in a laundry bag at 30°C max. thanks a lot.
ive gotta say, this is really amazing, i cant believe how good this jacket is, they really put alot work into this jacket, it feels nice and like a real jacket and it has these ropes inside back for tightening that work really well. i really am glad i went with this order and i know it was worth it.
Is the best Komaeda's coat so far. It really is like a real one, so cool and made of good material. The seller delivered it fast, and his attention and service was excellent. I do recommend this product.
Perfect sizing, would be great for an all around jacket! The art print is very accurate, as well as the color in general. Seller was very kind and helpful! Would definitely recommend if you are searching for a Komaeda jacket
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