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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cream for dry
Buttons are as in the pictures and description. Good mixture of buttons, but did not have at least one of every type. Ordered appeared to have been cancelled, but item had already been processed and sent, so received item nonetheless. Parcel arrived within the estimated delivery time. Recommend this item.
I absolutely love this cream! I also bought the serum, the vitamin C moisturizer & the eye cream, since i was looking for a new skin care line. The whole system together works like a dream!
Thank you, Happy witn this brand prodducts, I recommend this face cream, all ingredients are really effective to remove wrinkles, I use It every day. Honest and very nice seller and orden came really fast. I'm ordering again
these eyeliners are so amazing, especially for the price. They’re like really liquid like at first which concerned me but once I searched some on my hand it dried to a gel eyeliner and it doesn’t rub off or smudge at all !!! I rubbed on it to see if it would smudge and it didn’t ! I’m very satisfied with my item :)
took over a month bUT WELL WORTH IT I AM SO IMPRESSED!! the packaging of the product is amazing, it comes in a glass container with a soft touch lid! there was also a tab on top of the product for sanitary reasons! ALSO the brush that comes with it is NOT cheaply made, it has a nice weight to it! now the eyeliner is buildable!!! its not opaque with one swipe, my swatches provided aee about 3! they dry VERY fast and also matte! im so impressed to finally find a colored eyeliner that DOESNT crack and it matte! will be buying more