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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for digitale speler met bluetooth
Now I understand. I can connect my smartphone with it by bluetooth. It sends the music on the FM frequency that I can choose with the turn-button. Then I can use my car radio and receive (the music that I play on my smartphone) with the FM frequency that I have choosen. Until now, at low volume, there is some disturbing noice. But when I drive my car the volume is higher. This can be a small problem related to the antenne receiving quality of my radio car (I drive a small toyota Aygo).
The device works. All tested modes (FM, mSD, BT) work without fault. The only drawback, that is not described, is no amplified audio output. With the maximum volume (30), the sound is barely audible to the 3W / 4Ohm mini speaker. With earphones it is slightly better,... but still low in volume.