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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for dorosy
I really the look and feel of this wig. It's lightweight and doesn't tangle too much, no more than actual long hair. The length and density are actually believable, unlike most wigs.
ok take a good look at this wig. it s AMAZING. it s SO SO SOFT. when I say it s NOTHING like any other synthetic wig i ve ever had. it s amazinggggg. I literally did nothing at all to this wig besides cut the baby hairs shorter and glue the wig down. this is just amazing. it barely ever tangles. it feels like human hair. i m just shook. don t think. just buy this wig. you won t regret it.
I love this wig and style! I was very skeptical at first because I never buy synthetic hair but once my stylist put it on, I was 100% happy with my purchase . The hair is light and can be worn in many styles. I highly recommend this product.
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