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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for dt770 oor
Very high quality ear pads and nice feeling memory foam, will buy more and definitely will buy more if his store will get more variations of ear pads microsuede, cowhide versions, would be perfect! I've bought on many years, first time i'll give 5 stars, quick shipment, asked for angled pads got them! Perfect! btw. added your store to my follow list!
The leather used in these is on par with what you would order from boutique hifi-brands. Stitching is fine and the lip id broad and easy to stretch over the earcup. Be sure to tell the seller what kind of headphone pads you need or you might get an angled version. Soundsmate was kind enough to provide a regular set of pads once he sent me angled ones by mistake. Some measurements are in the photo's below.
Just right. Great price. Great finishing. I really like the memory foam (if I'm correct) in the pads. They fit my headphones fine. It was a little tight for my HD6XX but they fit perfectly (removing the stock pads of course). Very satisfied. Highly recommended!!!
Fast shiping and good packaging. Responsive seller. Cant attest to their performance on the product they were intended for, because they will be used to mod Grado cans, but for the price, ... I'm sure they'd do the job just fine...it's velour covered foam for heaven sake !