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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for edecoa
Super fast deliver and good help with technical questions. Just installed the unit in my camping car and it seems to work perfectly. Remote control is a fantastic thing. Makes it easy to turn the unit on and off from inside the camping car, in order to save power.
Serious seller very fast product arrived in Romania in 7 days the product is quality tested up to 1200w flex engine works perfectly, at 1400w motor pressure pump does not work but at 1800w feon worked perfectly A +++
Because I don't have the equipment to check the quality of the sinus, I can't open a dispuut about the electronics. But... The inverter works fine as we can expected from the advertising. I'm able to use the coffee machine, television and microwave without problem. Seems great stuff.
Nice and clean looking product which doesn't only looks high quality, also feels heavily high quality too. Delivered just in a few days in a small package which was efficiently packed. Made a test run on the product and everything seems to be in order, including the remote display. Highly recommend this seller. I will be returning for more products.
The ups really works. Pure sine wave on output. The switchover is not as fast as I thought it is. But a PC is running well through the switchover both ways.
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