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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ef m2 viltrox
Had to wait a long time, but finally it arrived in best condition. The viltrox-adapter is really great - no difference to the 4-5 times more expensive metabones adapter. You can update the adapter via USB, you can manually set the infinity focus point and you can manually set the aperture - directly on the adapter. Btw the communication with the seller was perfect. Blazing fast and friendly answers to all my questions. I'm very satisfied with the seller and of course with the speed booster.
This product works as advertised. It's a great adapter, and a huge saving over the Metabones competition. However it took over a month to reach me, and ended up shipping from Malaysia rather than China. I was also hit with very large customs duty, as the company had not covered customs. This has never happened to me with any other good purchased from Ali. Customer service was confusing and unhelpful.
The product description is very accurate... You get exactely what you ordered ! This lens adapter has a very good build quality and once on the camera body, it sticks firmly to it The aperture ring of the adapter is smooth and works fine You get a manual combo, which focuses somewhere in the middle of the focusing distance to infinity nonetheless the picture result appears quite good to me
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