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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for for incontinence
I have been using it for only one week along with my physiotherapist recommended kegels, so I can't tell for the results. However, I am impressed with the quality of the device and of the instruction booklet. The booklet is professional : instructions are clear and well translated (unlike several products from China), and enough details are given to fully understand the product. You need to move the probe around in order to find the best position, where you can feel the electric contraction.
I really like the design of this cloth diaper, it looks and feels great. The inside is really soft and has a pocket in the back where you can put a pad - insert to absorb the pee. I will beordering some more of these soon! I do have one wish to the seller, I wish that they would make these also with velcro instead of the snaps. That way you would be able to get a perfect fit in case somebody would be in between the snaps. I think I saw a model with Velcro, but they didn't have dual leak guards.... That I wouldn't buy.