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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for full lace transparante pruik
I looooove this wig. its my first curly wig so im definitely hype to install this unit. communication with seller was awesome. the only thing is that i just wished i ordered a longer length but overall it's beautiful
OMG!!!soooo full and thick, i ordered 14inches first but finally i pay the price gap get 18inches one, i like this style!! i didn't believe this is really 150%density when i order, and i don't believe it looks really full after wash! but i know it is once i received!! and this is 13*6 front lace!! you can see the parting space was 6inches in middle!! thats amazing!! looool , so in love with the wig, very good quality! fast shipping, excellent customer service, will give 10 stars!!!
Im so in love with this wig! Wore it for the first time yesterday. Ive only received positive comments so far. There was no shedding or smell which is great. this is 13*6 lace front wig 16inches. the density was 150% density but i want it fuller , so i pay 18inches just wanna the seller put more hair in this wig. they have own factory so they can do personal customized as your request!!I would definitely buy another wig from this seller and thank you seller for helping me through this process and keeping me updated. Will post more pictures soon.
The hair is of a great quality.Hair is very nice. It's 130 density looks natural I love it. After washing it, it's still very soft . The hair came in a timely manner and they also sent some goodies with it, which is always nice! I'm excited about my new blonde wig!! Thank you!
It’s nice and soft. I love the colour but it sheds quite a bit. I only tried it on but every time I put my hand through the hair, a few strands came out. The closure is pure white so you might just need to put your foundation on it or a light contour on it to make it look more natural.. this goes for people of all races because the closure base is legit pure white! Like the colour of a white envelope, white! But other than that, the wig is great! :)