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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for gay leotard
not as I thought. I weigh 168 pounds and 5 feet 7 inches. I ordered a large. product fits loose. difficult to get hood over head without tearing the zipper. when placing the arms and hands into the sleeve area it gets tighter by the wrists. the fingers are small and have to really work your hand to get into it. the feet seem fine but the leg area are loose. zipper is in the back and difficult to zip if your by yourself. wish zipper was in front. it also has a penis pouch which it's difficult to get penis and scrotum inside. the opening is about as big as your thumb. not look as tight as in the picture. if I would have ordered a medium I would not be able to fit in it if I would have ordered a extra large I would be swimming in it. I don't believe the size chart is very accurate so be careful if you order one. product is shiny it does seem to be well made and I will be wearing it soon I am satisfied just wish a few things were different on it. shipped to USA in 10 days. well package