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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for hantek
good value for the money. the hardware itself has a very profissional look and feel, but not so the software.. the probes are OK. Do not expect a profissional device, but You are paying 1/20th of the price :) About the software, You can try the opensource open6022be
Its pretty much exactly what I expected, will make my current and future projects much easier and possible. One thing though is the software is kind of lacking, they seemed to put a lot of work into making it look nice, but when trying to move along the timeline, or zoom into a particular area, its just not very functional. You can use it with sigrok though, and they provide an SDK which has a working program in c++ that you can build onto at will. Other then the zooming issue in the software its a great product!
Hi Cherry Liu ! I received the parcel and in 6 days! you made a record ! you are the best ! thank you very much !!!! Thank Best Regards JFC