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7 Kleur Mannen Stretch Skinny Jeans Fashion Casual Slim Fit Denim Broek Mannelijke Grijs Zwart Kaki Witte Broek Mannelijke Merk

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Beoordeling door Dxxxg (US)
Size 38 measures at 40.5 inches and the upper leg portion is too big (my upper legs measured at 61cm), I thought the size chart refers to actual garment measurements but it is reference size and totally off. So you should buy one or two sizes smaller but you have to watch out for the length being too short. The size 38 I got has like a 32.5"/33" length. The size 36 should be at around 32" for the length. The fabric is very stretchable so ideally waist should be about one inch smaller than your actual measurement. For me, size 34 (assuming 36" actual size) should be perfect for my 37 inch waist but length would be too short for me. So, I am getting the next one at size 36 and see what happens. For the size 38 I got, my tailor fixed the waist and tighten the upper leg portion a little and the jeans look very nice and comfortable.

Im 190cm and 83kg which size will be best for me?

I have used the chart, take the measurements and find the one that fits you. It works!

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  • Merknaam: Brother Wang
  • Afdichtingen: Zipper Fly
  • Middel: Mid
  • Decoratie: NONE
  • Patronen: Solid
  • Materiaal: Denim
  • Modelnummer: 109
  • Geslacht: MEN
  • Jeans Style: Pencil Pants
  • Wassen: light
  • Pas: Slim
  • Stijl: Casual
  • Aritkeltype: JEANS
  • Dikte: Midweight
  • Lengte: Full Length
  • Stof: Verzachter
  • Style: Fashion
  • Material: Cotton
  • 5 Stars 79%
  • 4 Stars 10%
  • 3 Stars 5%
  • 2 Stars 2%
  • 1 Ster 4%
4.5 / 5

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