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Synthetische Geen-Kant Pruiken

Shangke Lange Mix Paars Womens Pruiken Met Pony Hittebestendige Synthetische Kinky Krullend Roze Groen Pruiken Voor Vrouwen Afrikaanse Amerikaanse

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US $19.82 - 20.11 -42%


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Beoordeling door Jxxxm (NL)
There was unfortunately a bit of a glitch in the ordering of the color, I thought I ordered the purple one but this one e is more a strawberry blond , but I must say it is gorgeous! The feel of the fibers is great , the cut and waves are super. You can easily brush it and there is no shine on the hair. It actually can kind of pass as real hair. But there is also some downfalls on the wig too but I won't complain for the price. The first thing is that the wig sheds a lot, but I can fix that by sealing the wefts. And the finishing on the hair with threads and the edges of the wig. You need to glue or sew some parts down so if the wind blows you don't see the wefts and cap through the hair as the edges are quite thin. I imediatly ordered more wigs from them and more colors of these units.

Has anyone tried to wash the hair and if so has the curls stayed in or dropped out

Washing it worked wonders for me, curls didn’t come out and I blow dried it on a low heat for a few minutes and then let it air dry overnight for best results

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  • Merknaam: SHANGKE
  • Material Grade: Hoge Temperatuur Fiber
  • Wigs Length: long
  • Textuur: Kinky Curly
  • Can Be Permed: Ja
  • Items per Package: 1 Piece Only
  • Dichtheid: 120%
  • Cap Size: Average Size
  • Lace Wig Type: None Lace Wigs
  • Hair Gurantee: 7 Days No Reason Easy Return


SHANGKE Lange Mix Paars Womens Pruiken met Pony Hittebestendige Synthetische Kinky Krullend Pruiken voor Vrouwen Afrikaanse Amerikaanse

Haar Materiaal: 100% Synthetische hittebestendige Lang Krullend Pruiken
Hairline: Natuurlijke Haarlijn
Haar Kleur: Beschikbaar in meerdere kleuren
Cap Maat: Medium (Contact ONS Voor Uw Speciale Verzoek: Kleine Formaat of Groot Formaat)
Lengte: 26inches
Gewicht: 170g


23DIFEI-26-Long-Mix-Violet-Femmes-Perruques-avec-Une-Frange-R-sistant-La-Chaleur-Synth-tique (1)DIFEI-26-Long-Mix-Violet-Femmes-Perruques-avec-Une-Frange-R-sistant-La-Chaleur-Synth-tique.jpg_640x640 (1)DIFEI-26-Long-Mix-Violet-Femmes-Perruques-avec-Une-Frange-R-sistant-La-Chaleur-Synth-tique.jpg_640x640 (2)DIFEI-26-Long-Mix-Violet-Femmes-Perruques-avec-Une-Frange-R-sistant-La-Chaleur-Synth-tique.jpg_640x640 (3)DIFEI-26-Long-Mix-Violet-Femmes-Perruques-avec-Une-Frange-R-sistant-La-Chaleur-Synth-tique.jpg_640x640 (4)DIFEI-26-Long-Mix-Violet-Femmes-Perruques-avec-Une-Frange-R-sistant-La-Chaleur-Synth-tique.jpg_640x640 (5)

DIFEI-26-Long-Mix-Violet-Femmes-Perruques-avec-Une-Frange-R-sistant-La-Chaleur-Synth-tique.jpg_640x640 (7)DIFEI-26-Long-Mix-Violet-Femmes-Perruques-avec-Une-Frange-R-sistant-La-Chaleur-Synth-tique.jpg_640x640DIFEI-26-Long-Mix-Violet-Femmes-Perruques-avec-Une-Frange-R-sistant-La-Chaleur-Synth-tique


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  • 4 Stars 11%
  • 3 Stars 4%
  • 2 Stars 1%
  • 1 Ster 2%
4.7 / 5

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