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Aigo Aurora C5 Regenboog Lichten Kleurrijke Rgb Verstelbare Kleur Fan 120Mm Led Pc Computer Cooling Koeler Stille Case Fan controller

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Beoordeling door Hxxxm (ZA)
If you are planning on getting the Aigo C Series fans, I would HIGHLY recommend you spend the extra money to get the wireless controller. I am a bit disappointed that the wireless controller is not included with the fans by default. Or that you do not have the option to choose between the two when you select your fans. As they essentially are identical except the one has an IR receiver built into the controller and comes with a remote. But I am very happy that I decided to get the wireless controller. As it makes switching settings of the fans much easier. Where as if you wanted to change settings on the default controller you would have to open your case every time to access the controller, or use the reset button passthrough which would mean you would have to push a single button like 100 times to cycle through the different colour and effect combinations if you are looking for a specific one. But really worthwhile for the convenience. Works very well. Highly recommend.

Hello, The price is for a pack of 5 fans or for each fan?

Vem com cinco cooler, por isso que chama de C5

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  • Merknaam: Aigo
  • Toepassing: Computerbehuizing
  • Pakket: Ja
  • Compatibel CPU: inter amd
  • vermogen: 3.6w
  • Lager: Legering Lager
  • Fan Levensduur: 100000 hrs
  • Ventilatorsnelheid: 2000±10% RPM
  • Lawaai: 23dBA
  • Luchtvolume: 38CFM
  • lijnen: 6 lijnen
  • Type: Fan
  • Power Interface: 4PIN
  • Modelnummer: C5
  • Materiaal gootsteen: Plastic
  • Ventilatorgrootte: 120x120x25mm

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