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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for imx117
I have received my order in perfect condition but I have ordered "yellow" but received "grey" and I am ok with it. Didn't use yet but I open the bag and camera as well. Didn't shot photo or video but screen is very clear
This camera exceeded my expectations. After seeing a lot of negative reviews after ordering this, I kind of regretted my purchase decision but after it arrived I could test it for myself. Really, this is an excellent camera, I don't fully understand the negative reviews on YouTube. It seems that most of the gripes are related to the remote control. For some reason, the package does not have a remote. I did expect this remote to be in the package, but checking the product page again, it does show it without the remote. Although the versions offered by Drift Innovations directly all seem to have this remote included. Anyway, I couldn't test it since it was not included and I have not missed one either. The business card is for size comparison: the camera is tiny, but solid. One especially cool feature, you can attach it to all (more ubiquitous) GoPro accessories with a tripod/GoPro connector.
This camera was sent as a replacement. I sent my original (defect) unit back to the Drift Official Store and to compensate for the shipping fees I had to pay, they included a waterproof case and a 32GB microSD card. Super happy with the new camera, it works flawlessly so far. I tested it immediately and hope it will stay functioning as great as it does now. Jason Qian of the Drift Official Store helped me tremendously, thank you so much!