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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for jacket men tiger
Hello, my Yuri Plisetsky cosplay has arrived! I'm loving it, it's comfortable, I just can not stay in hot places for long, because of the country's climate, everything is fine. It took me 20 days to arrive in Brazil (I am counting from the date of posting in China (16/01) until arriving in my country (05/02) in the Post Office of Brazil (Correios)) and 13 days of the Distribution Unit in CURITIBA / PR, until my house. I need to make an adjustment in the hem of the pants because of the size (my height: 165 CM, the pants is XXL size and it is for height: 175-180 CM). Thanks for the cosplay, in the future I will buy the Russian jacket in this same store, which has a great service. ^^ (I'll post more pics in the additional comments). Thanks. ^^