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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for lolita mary jane shoe
They are the same at the picture. Look impresive. I get one size bigger that I have and they fit me properly. I am very happy. They are very tall but confortable.
BEAUTIFUL! Not very soft, but still very comfortable. I walked in them for 2 hours up and down a hill and got no sores! : D They are not noisy when walking, like some platform shoes. The don't look plastic - good quality PU. You can adjust the strap length, and the strap has a hidden clasp, so it's very easy to put them on and off! : D I really LOVE these and will certainly order more colours later on!
The look exactly like the picture, fits snuggly on my feet. They need to be worn in a bit because the back of the shoe is still pointy so it is slightly uncomfortable, but i can just add a little padding! I love them :D