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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for make up sequin
Took 20 days to arrive in Texas, USA. Product slightly bent during packaging/shipping but nothing major. Has an expected plastic-y smell but no weird chemical smells. Product is silver glitter (may appear different in my photos due to reflection of light). ...... Able to fit 5 zebra mildliners highlighters, 2 pilot frixon highlighters, 7 zebra sarasa gel pens, 3 mechanical pencils, 7 assorted pens/markers, correction tape, eraser, binder clip, extra lead, mini stapler, and booklet of page flags & sticky notes for a total of 24 pens/pencils + 6 misc. = 30 total items! and still some room to spare. If you have a ridiculous amount of stationary/school supplies I highly recommend!
Hi...tq so much to d seller it very beautiful...but jz a little concern this is my 2 purchase..however one of d item d sequins was have defect..pls send me d good one on my nx purchase..am planing to purchase again ..others overall are nice even d first purchase too...tq again