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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for maxi
oh my gawd, this is so beautiful. it is super beautiful and is so great on the skin. This outfit's design should be the envy of runways across the world and I appreciate the seller taking such good care to keep the quality of the product top class.
Dress is accurate, cloth is very soft and comfortable. L size is in perfect length, almost till floor, M is shorter, not till floor, but till ankle. Although M size fits better in the upper side of the dress (chest).
Love the dress! Was planning to wear it for prom but not as tight as id like it to be and i got the small. Theres a small side part of the dress thats weird looking, its like a metal pointing out but its not really a metal, thats causing the dress to fall, also it doesn’t hold my chest, Ive tried with and without a bra. I don’t know really, i do like the dress but don’t like the small imperfections in the same time
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