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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for men suit yellow
Love the pear ! The finish is lightly textured. It measures appx 1.75 inches in height and has a locking pinback. The colour transition is a little abrupt. Shipped promptly and order packed perfectly. No missing stones - and no order shortage. Very pleased.. will buy from again.
Nice low fit. Sexy bulge. Better is without lace. The lace is too much visible and distracts from the nice shapes. I did put in an elastic in stead of the lace. I removed te inside front fabrics, so even more sexy when dry and exactly the just transparancy when wet. Let me know if you like my ideas. Maybe you can send me a prototype with the above changes.
Quality corresponds to the price, but where do you buy a suit so cheap? I Think it´s awsome. I recommend to take a suit one size larger than the table shows or get advise from the seller.
The jacket fits very good, but the pant gs are a little short, and the pants are Extremely tight, despite me ordering my correct size. I am not sure what is the reason for this. The pants are unwearable, but the suit does look good.