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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mermaid
Absolutely love these bows.. all made to a very high standard as always.. excellent quality bows.. they are just as I asked for.. seller is always very helpful.. the seller always makes sure you receive what you ask for.. I could never fault the service I receive from this seller.. order arrived in a box which is well taped up.. all bows are placed into clear plastic bags with an order slip.. the seller includes some glue in case of slight damage but I have found there has never been any damage to any of my orders.. thank you for gift very much appreciated.. excellent quality excellent service excellent seller highly recommended 5*****+++++++
Received thank you, excellent quality as always, beautiful bows exactly as I expected.. wonderful seller always willing to help.. I highly recommend this seller to everyone.. will always buy from this seller 5*****++
Love it! Normal size m took s cause i have no tits! But the dress have think cups in it so only need a stick on bra en your Good to go! Its verry stretch feels havy Good matirial. 1,5 week delivery cam in so fast! In Holland they sell the same dress voor 100€ super Good dress!
I love that one. The material and design is very good. Firstly, I was not sure how it will come but I’m very happy to buy it. Thank you so much!!! This dress perfectly fitted and it came just 10days. I suggest everyone!!