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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for metalen robot
Initial QC issue with the product, the seller was very responsive and quickly resolved. Polite, friendly, a pleasure to do business with. As with most things going from China to USA, this took a really long time from start to finish, but I'm very happy finally, with the end result. Thanks so much for working together to get this resolved. DJ
Arrived earlier than expected! Surprised, it even had the upgrade kit (installed) which i was considering to buy anyway! will buy from this seller again communication was good and fast XD
The figure is huge and weighs almost a pound! Its lower legs are die cast and very sturdy. I can't imagine how large the completed combiner figure is. This is an absolute steal for under $15!!
The seller shipped the toy within a day. Shipping took 11 days which is very fast in my opinion. Excellent store, as usual. I think the toy is good for kids of age 5+. It's got a solid construction and the transformation is doable for a 5 year old. The nice thing about this Grimlock compared to other Grimlocks is that the transformation is a bit different. The dinohead goes through the chest when turning the dino into a robot, which leaves a smaller backpack than the backpack of other Grimlock figures. If you're looking for more information about this toy, don't look for 'armed forces', but for 'cyber battalion'.