Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mi
mobile was delivered seal pack, and was in great condition. loved it. very fast shipping although Pakistan post took time to deliver it. seller is recommended . I would say if you are from Pakistan then do not order mobile phone from China if they are available in Pakistan because you be charged a great amount of customs duty and will have to go throurghsone legal procedures like getting a noc and then submitting it to IMO and other stuff so try to avoid that and buy here in Pakistan.
I just wish there was some instructions cause I didn’t know there was an apple cut out in mine and I ended up ripping it a little when I put it on but it looks good
The size was a little bit too big and I didn't really want to cut it but I had to. It does fit, just had to remove some parts of the map. Easy to apply. Looks like it might last a while. But it does the job.